The Studio


Omicron Production Company is located at Neo Heraklio in Athens, in a specially designed space for videoshoots, photoshoots, recordings, meetings and seminars.

From the 9th exit of Attiki Odos and 1000 meters from the Athens Piraeus Electric Railway ( I.S.A.P ) the studio is seated under a building.

There is a 3 meters ramp for any vehicle to move or park with a 42sqm outdoor space which has plenty of natural light and its size is 10m x 4.10m

The dimensions of the central door are 2.40m x 2.27m

The floor is made from forged cement placed on concrete.

It has a tree-phase electricity and 100MBps Wi-Fi connection.

Terms of Use Οροι χρησης

The cyclorama is created from solid masonry in every set.

The ceiling is fashioned from Ricofon for sound insulation and it is specially constructed with pantographs for any flash or light.

20sqm white set with the dimensions: 5.70m x 3.50m x 3.40m

Entire room 6m x 6.80m

Left and right of the set there are black sound masking curtains for sound insulation.

No natural light.


22sqm black set with the dimensions: 6.70m x 3.20m x 3.40m

Entire room 6.70m x 6.40m

Left and right of the set there are black sound masking curtains for sound insulation.

Reflected natural Light.


24sqm green screen set with the dimensions: 7m x 3.40m x 3.40m

Entire room 7m x 8.70m

No natural light.


Dimensions 5.50m x 2.40m


Dimensions 4m x 3m


Dimensions 5.05m x 3m


Dimensions 1.55m x 1.30m


Men WC


Women WC


Continuous light

  • 2x Desisti Botticelli 3110 tangsten quartz, manual operated, 1250 / 2500w 3200k
  • 1x Godox S30 Led Light kit
  • 1x Desisti Leonardo 321 tangsten, fresnel spotlight, manual operated focus 2000w with pole operated 3200k
  • 2x Desisti Monet 210 tangsten, fresnel spotlight, manual operated focus 1000w 3200k
  • 5x Magis 300 tangsten, fresnel spotlight, manual operated focus 650w 3200k
  • 5x f.a.l. tangsten, manual operated focus 1000w 3200k
  • 2x Readhead 2000w flood/spot 3200k
  • 2x Readhead 1000w flood/spot 3200k
  • 4x Readhead 800w 3200k
  • 1x Citytek TSL 1000 tangsten, fresnel spotlight, manual operated focus 1000w 3200k
  • 2x Farseeing florecent 4x55w Dimmable with Oshram ballast 5600k
  • 2x Farseeing florecent 2x55w with Oshram ballast 5600k
  • 2x Neewer NL660 Led, 40w, CRI 96+ 330 leds Daylight & 330 leds Tungsten, Dimmable & White Diffuser
  • 4x Neewer NL480 Led, 28w, CRI 96+ 240 leds Daylight & 240 leds Tungsten, Dimmable & White Diffuser
  • 1x Godox LED120C (on camera)
  • 1x Farseeing led 18w (on camera)
  • 4 Led light panels 120x30cm, 42W, 2700k - 6500k with remote control

Grip Equipment

  • 1x GVM carbon, motorized camera slider 80cm
  • 1x Manfrotto tripod 028B & 504HD video head with variable fluid drag system
  • 1x Manfrotto tripod 190L & 501HDV video head
  • 1x Manfrotto monopod 561BHDV-1 & 561BHDV fluid video head
  • 1x Manfrotto auto dolly art #057
  • 7x Manfrotto 035 super clamp
  • 1x Manfrotto C500 pelican clamp
  • 1x Manfrotto 237HD flexarm 55cm
  • 1x Skater Dolly with Manfrotto Head
  • 1x Slider 80cm & Manfrotto head 701HDV fluid head
  • 2x Avenger extension grip arm 100cm & Desisti grip head
  • 10x Power cables
  • 5x Extension cords 5m
  • 5x Extension cords reel 25m 15m 10m
  • 1x Flag black 60x100cm controls or cuts the light
  • 1x Flag black 40x60cm controls or cuts the light
  • 4x Diffusion panel 100x100cm
  • 1x Fabric flex diffusion stop
  • 2x tripod 4.30cm maximum height (Air Cushion)
  • 9x tripod 3.10cm maximum height (Air Cushion)
  • 3x tripod 2.80cm maximum height
  • 2x tripod 100cm maximum height
  • 1x boom stand
  • 3x ceiling track systems (11 pantograps)
  • 1x Opteca reflector 145cm
  • 1x Selond reflector 124x80cm
  • 1x white box 40x40cm
  • 1x white box 60x60cm
  • 1x ikan ps-101 κλακέτα
  • 1x Godox BDRW 420 Beauty dish 42cm (Bowens mount)
  • 2x Quantuum Softbox 120x80cm (Bowens mount)
  • 3x Felizol white 200x100xm
  • 3x Felizol black 200x100cm
  • 3x Felizol black 100x50cm
  • 2x Felizol white 100x50cm
  • 1x Felizol rosco cinegel mirror 100x50cm
  • 1x V-Flat 200x140cm Black/White
  • Skylite frame 1x1
  • Skylite frame 1.5x1.5
  • Skylite frame 3x2


  • 1x Steadicam Pilot camera stabilizing system (4.5kg Payload)
  • 1x Ronin s with motor focus (4kg Payload)
  • 1x Slidekamera Rod-Jib Crane, Max height 2.45m, 3.5kg Payload
  • 1x Atomos Shogun 7
  • 1x Minolta auto meter IV F
  • 1x Orangemonkie Foldio360 for 360 images
  • 1x Rode shot gun microphone NTG2
  • 1x Rode VideoMic-Go shot gun microphone
  • 1x Audio-technica ATR3350is Lavalier Microphone
  • 1x Rode Smart Lav Lavalier Microphone
  • 1x AKG K77 Stereo Headphones
  • 4x Boafeng uv-5ra handheld transceiver
  • 1x Stagg KMS-15 200w Active Speaker Bluetooth
  • 2x Godox X1R-S 2.4G Camera receiver for Sony
  • 1x Godox X1T-S 2.4GHz TTL Wireless Trigger single Transmitter fpt Sony
  • 1x Lastolite cubelite 100x100x185cm
  • 1x Product photography table
  • 1x Woman Ghost Fiberglass
  • 1x Man Burst Ghost Fiberglass
  • 1x Lastolite Background paper (Colors Black-Primrose-Purple-Flint-Leaf Green-Red-Yellow-Gala Pink-Pewter-White-Conker-Royal-Kingfisher)
  • 1x Ewa-marine U-BXP100 Underwater housing DSLR cameras
  • 2x Green screen suit (chroma key green)
  • Electric motorized rotating turntable with remote control 100 load
  • Puluz light box 80cm

Flash Light

  • 2x Bowens Esprit 1000w
  • 2x Esprit 500w
  • 1x Esprit 125w
  • 2x Hensel 500w
  • 2x Ace 400w